Investor Relations: Corporate Governance

The Bank is committed to operating to the highest standards of corporate governance and in this regard has developed and implemented a corporate governance framework that complies with the highest standards of corporate governance practices in accordance with QFMA’s Corporate Governance Code No. (5) of 2016 and QFCRA’s Controlled Functions and Governance Regulation of 2020.

The Bank’s Board of Directors and the Executive Management believe that a strong corporate governance framework is critical to ensuring high performance across all the Bank’s activities and essential to building investor trust and providing safeguards against any misguided corporate activity.
The Board of Directors has adopted a Corporate Governance Framework which relates to the way in which the affairs of Lesha Bank are governed and managed by the Board, the committees of the Board and the executive management team. It is a system by which Lesha Bank is directed and controlled taking into account the interests of all its stakeholders, and not just limited to its shareholders.

To that end, Lesha Bank issues a Corporate Governance report on an annual basis, outlining its governance framework and compliance with the applicable rules and regulations. The Corporate Governance Report is approved by the Board of Directors and presented at the General Assembly for approval and ratification. The Corporate Governance reports are made available on the Bank’s website as part of its commitment to transparency and equal access to information towards its shareholders.