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News : Lesha Bank Launches a Cloud-based CRM Solution to Accelerate its Digital Transformation Journey

The launch of new cloud-based CRM aims to provide clients with a seamless and enhanced client relationships

Lesha Bank LLC (Public) (the “Lesha Bank” or the “Bank”) announced the launch of its new, cloud-based client relationship management (CRM) system, as part of the bank’s digital innovation plan to improve client relationships and potentially drive business growth. It focuses on providing a holistic and seamless client experience with the support of relevant data driven information.

As part of this endeavor, Lesha Bank replaced its current CRM system through the introduction of an automated and client-centric system to help facilitate client servicing and internal operations in a timely manner and through an easy-to-use process. This integration will synchronize client data with back-end system that enables processing of real time data through core banking and digital channels, aiming to better serve client expectations.

The CRM will allow the Bank to better manage its sales process, client onboarding, cross-selling, and upselling, as well as centralized agreement templates, document tracking, marketing campaigns, and compliance processes such as know your customer (KYC). It also interoperates with its existing platform and provides an easy-to-use interface, particularly efficient for relationship managers to view client data and key information. Automation of client banking services can now be conducted directly within the CRM and fed back into the core banking system, streamlining processes, and driving efficiencies by reducing time and paperwork.

Anoof Asker, Head of Information Technology said: “Lesha Bank is uniquely positioned to benefit from the scalability, security, and reliability of the cloud-based CRM which will help our internal functions and more specifically the Private Banking team to better serve their clients. As technology continues to evolve in the banking sector, we keep introducing innovative systems to reinvent the way we engage with our clients. The new CRM system is packed with features that will help us streamline our business and provide a more personalized experience for our clients.”

Mohammed Mohammed, Deputy Chief Operating Officer (DCOO) commented: “Lesha Bank strives to position itself as a trusted financial advisor and a leader in Shari’a-compliant investment banking by offering clients innovative investment opportunities. The new CRM solution enables us to master intelligent business tools and identify key insights for our workforce to transform the way we work. We have stepped up our investments in digital capabilities as a testament to our commitment to implementing our digital transformation strategy.”

Lesha Bank does believe in continuous investment in technology to unlock value creation towards the elite clientele they serve and to accelerate business capability.

Lesha Bank LLC (Public) is the first independent Shari’a-compliant Bank authorized by the QFC Regulatory Authority (QFCRA) and a listed entity on the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE: QFBQ).

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