Case Study : Real Estate Investment
Kennedy Flat – Multi-family Residential Building US Multi-family Investment

Investment Overview

In October 2021, Lesha Bank successfully exited Kennedy Flats, its first real estate investment in the US when it turned around its business model and started its Shari’a-compliant real estate program.

In May 2018, Lesha Bank acquired a 99% stake in Kennedy Flats, a 374-unit class A multifamily residential building. Located in Danbury, a thriving and diverse city in Western Connecticut, the property was built in 2016 within walking distance of Danbury Metro North Train Station.

Kennedy Flats witnessed a successful exit 3.25 years after the initial purchase and investors were paid their full capital plus approximately 12% in annualized coupons for 2021 after the uninterrupted distribution of 8% per annum. With Kennedy Flats, Lesha Bank’s 5-year investment target was met returning all capital and profits to investors by generating an IRR over the target 9.5% net of all fees, costs and taxes.

Investment Kennedy Flats
Sector Real Estate
Countries USA
Type Multi-family residential building
Built 2016
Number of Units 374
Sale Marketing Off-market negotiation
Kennedy Flat – Multi-family Residential Building US Multi-family Investment
Kennedy Flat – Multi-family Residential Building US Multi-family Investment

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