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News : The Youth Company announces The Youth Change Everything Conference in partnership with QFIB and INJAZ Qatar

The Youth Company announces The Youth Change Everything Conference in partnership with QFIB and INJAZ Qatar

The Youth Company, the first youth-run Social Enterprise in Qatar, is pleased to announce yet another inspiring initiative, the Youth Change Everything Conference, set to take place on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of March. The two-day event will focus on the development of leadership and entrepreneurship skills among youth, in turn preparing them to take ownership of their future.

Organized in partnership with INJAZ Qatar and powered by Qatar First Investment Bank (QFIB), the Youth Change Everything conference will gather around 200 high school and university students at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. Commenting on the sponsorship of the conference, Emad Mansour, QFIB CEO, said “At QFIB we place great importance on developing the youth as they are the future leaders. The youth nowadays are faced with great challenges, mainly limited job opportunities.  Such a platform will empower youth to unleash their talent and develop their skills to become innovative entrepreneurs.”

Under the theme, “Not Your Average Leadership Conference,” the event will provide a non-conventional platform for youth to initiate dialogue with business leaders. Participants will be empowered to kick start their innovation, foster their entrepreneurial spirit and develop their networking outreach. Mohamed Farid, CEO of The Youth Company shared his vision of the conference objectives: “Being a company which strives to empower and develop young people we are always focused on creating life-changing and long-lasting experiences for youth.  We are committed to make the Youth Change Everything Conference a platform where apart from getting theoretical knowledge, participants can also challenge themselves and their views of the world, explore and strengthen their skills through practical activities, and be so surprised and excited with the outcomes that they will continue to work developing themselves after the conference as well.” Farid continued “We thank our partners INJAZ Qatar and QFIB for their valuable support.  Their participation is a clear testament to their belief that the youth are the catalyst for inspiring positive change.”

The first day of the conference will include different workshops on leadership, starting with self-discovery and finishing with how to lead organizations. The second day will introduce participants to an Innovation Camp (I Camp), led by INJAZ Qatar. Aysha Al Mudehki, Executive Director, INJAZ Qatar commented, “This unique program, originally developed by Junior Achievement in collaboration with Barclay’s Bank, allows students to work in teams to address a specific business challenge. Each team, mentored by a corporate volunteer, prepares a business plan which is pitched to a panel of judges. Teams are judged based on the most creative and feasible idea”, continued Al Mudehki. “We are proud to collaborate with our long term partner QFIB, and with The Youth Company in delivering this great initiative in Qatar” concluded Al Mudehki.