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News : QFB’s Ramadan Blessings Campaign draws to a close

Qatar First Bank (QFB) announced the concluding of its 5th annual Ramadan Blessings Campaign

Qatar First Bank (QFB) announced the concluding of its 5th annual Ramadan Blessings Campaign, during which the bank hosted a series of activities for various organizations with the aim of promoting solidarity and brotherhood with different segments of the society through the Holy Month.

The Ramadan Blessings Campaign started with a special iftar for the Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care where QFB employees exchanged conversation with the elderly over iftar, then distributed gifts to them.

QFB then organized a visit to the Qatar Autism and Special Needs Center where a group of QFB employees toured the center to gain a better understanding of the services offered, and distributed gifts to autistic children.

Not forgetting the orphans, an important segment of the society, QFB invited the children of the Qatar Orphan Foundation (Dhreima) to a special iftar on the occasion of the Garangou.  QFB employees and their families engaged with the children of Dhreima in various activities in celebration of the Garangaou.

CEO of QFB commented “As an Islamic institution we place great emphasis on the religion’s guiding principles.  Every year, specifically during the Holy month, we dedicate time to give back to the community and reach out to those less fortunate in our society. We are pleased to have brought together the broader community closer through our annual Ramadan blessings campaign, which aims to reinforce solidarity and brotherhood amongst different segments of society’’

Khaled Kamal the Director of Qatar Orphan Foundation (Dhreima) added, “We thank QFB for their continuous support to Dhreima and for hosting our children for the fifth consecutive year to celebrate the traditional Garangou.  Such initiatives not only put a smile on the children’s faces but also help in creating a bond between the different segments of the community.  This is a clear indication of the Bank’s strong commitment to Shari’ah principles.

Khalid Hussein, the Director of Public Relations and Media, Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care said, “Ramadan is the month of giving, caring and reaching out to the less fortunate members of society.  By hosting a special iftar for the residents,  QFB has helped the elderly to better integrate with other members of society.  We thank QFB for helping to spread kindness and goodwill.

QFB’s annual Ramadan Blessings Campaign also included the “Dardasha Ramadania’ a one hour weekly session delivered by Sh. Dr. Ali Al Quradaghi, the chairman of the QFB Supervisory Board, where the Bank’s employees had the opportunity to learn more about various topics related to religious practices during Ramadan, such as how to calculate  zakat and the benefits of performing Qiyam prayers.

Apart from these community-engagement activities,  QFB’s Ramadan Blessing’s campaign included  placing an in-kind donation box the QFB premises, allowing all employees in the building to donate clothes, toys and household items which will be given to a Qatar based charity at the end of Ramadan.

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