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News : Qatar First Bank Announces Official Name Change to Lesha Bank

A new brand identity for Qatar First Bank that marks the next chapter of its remarkable growth journey

Qatar First Bank LLC (Public) (“QFB”) has announced the official name change of the Bank to Lesha Bank LLC (Public) (the “Bank”), a key milestone in the Bank’s ambitious growth journey and marking its achievements of the past few years.

QFB’s new brand identity is bolstered by a new business model that has already yielded outstanding financial results and comes as a natural progression at a time of important transition with a new strategic direction aimed at achieving further growth both locally and internationally.

In working to expand on its investments, diversifying its products, and increasing its client base, the new brand identity reflects the Bank’s expansion plans, looking to achieve further growth with a shared ambition to drive Lesha Bank to be a leader in Shari’a-compliant Investment Banking in Qatar and beyond.

Lesha Bank prides itself of its heritage, bringing an extensive legacy in Shari’a-compliant Investment Banking, as well as offering unique and innovative products with extensive knowledge and expertise in investment. With the new brand name, Lesha Bank aspires to become a partner of choice for investments, which caters to the individual needs of its clients with personalized investment options tailored and aimed to achieve their financial goals.

The Bank’s new name stems from a city in the northwestern part of Qatar, reflecting its deep Qatari roots and legacy; the brand identity represents resilience, growth, prosperity, and flexibility, as well as heritage. Featuring modern and dynamic elements inspired from the Arabic calligraphy, Lesha Bank’s logo also reflects its mission towards achieving excellence.

H.E. Sheikh Faisal bin Thani Al Thani, Lesha Bank’s Chairman commented: “Over the past few years, Lesha Bank has been growing and has demonstrated exceptional results. The new brand marks our ambitions in growth as well as our mission to reach new heights and achieve excellence in the way we take care of our investors, and in the way we combine Shari’a principles with the innovation of a global investment bank. The new identity also represents our deep roots and heritage in the Qatari market.”

Mr. Abdulrahman Totonji, Lesha Bank’s CEO commented: “Announcing the launch of Lesha Bank is an exciting moment for all of us as we embark on a journey towards sustainable growth bolstered by a new modern and dynamic brand that puts our partners at the core of our strategy. We look forward to reaching even greater heights, whilst empowering our loyal investors through innovative and diversified investment opportunities with a team of experts, solid shareholder base and a constant quest for excellence, transparency, and adaptability.”

Lesha Bank, previously known as Qatar First Bank (QFB), is the first independent Shari’a-compliant Bank authorized by the QFC Regulatory Authority (QFCRA) and a listed entity on the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE: QFBQ).